A beautiful round lake on a ridge surrounded by snow-capped mountains all around with Barpu Glaciers on one side and a deep gourge lining a jeep road to aloofed Hisper valley on the other, is RushLake in Nagar valley. Just an hour flight from Islamabad, if you fly, or a two day journey (almost 8 hours drive each day) through Taxila with overnight in Besham leads you to Gilgit. Another 3 wonderful hours along Hunza river takes you to Hunza valley. Enjoy your day in Hunza and get packed up for the treck. It takes 2 hours to get to Hoper valley and you can start trekking the same day and can hit even up to Baricho Kor.Usually for Rash Phari trek it is advisable that you start early in the morning if you start it from Hunza so that you could avoid hot warm.
Start your day hike with an easy downhill to the Hoper glacier and then a tiny uphill to Barpu glacier and to Tagafari and Barpu Giram from Shishkin  takes almost 3-4 hours. The rest of trail up to Baricho Kor(3300m) by the Barpu Glacier through a flate pasture is quite easy. The second day to Chidin harai (4440), however, is strenous as you climb up for more than 1000 meters if you choose to do it from Baricho Kor. On the other hand if Simply, when you start from Baricho Kor, you can get on the Rush Lake the same day while starting the low altitude trail from Barpu Giram will lead you to Gutentz the first day and then to Rush Lake the second day. From Chidin Harai you can have an excellent view of Ultar peak (7388m), the summit of Diran (7257m) and Rakaposhi (7788m). While the view around Rush Lake with the mountains like Spantic (Golden Peak 7027m), Mair peak (6824m) and other number of beautiful mountains is marvellous. Go for the day hike The next day near Rush peak (5010m) from where you can see the summit of k-2 (8611m) and Broad peak (8047m). You can also see Hispar pass (5151m) and several other peaks in have reduced your first day hike and stopped at Barpu Girami to catch a gradual altitude up to Gutentz the next day, will cost you an additional day on the trek. It is a wise strategy to get acclimitized anyways.
Rush Lake is also your turning point and you have to descend to Phai Phair (3450m) to the glacier flowing down from Golden Peak. You are now on your way back to Hoper valley and have to cross (Barpu Glacier) the junction of glaciers flowing down from Golden Peak and Miar Peak to get the other side of glacier. Miar campsite is beautiful but is very close, so you have to have your campsite in Haamdar (3250m), beautiful pasture with Shepherd houses and live stock once used to be summer farm house of the villagers.
The last day, you are on your way to Hoper valley again, takes about 4-5 hrs and is a very easy walk except ascending up to the valley from the Hoper glacer and you are heading to Hunza valley.

At a Glance

Day 01:     Arrival at Islamabad, transfer to hotel. Afternoon visit the twin city. (Hotel)
Day 02:     Drive to Besham via Taxila or to Chilas (7-8hrs). (Hotel)
Day 03:     Drive from Besham to Gilgit on Silk Route (8-9hrs). (Hotel)
Day 04:     Drive to Hunza valley from Gilgit.
Day 05:     Drive to Hoper and trek to Barpu Giram
Day 06:     Barpu Giram to Gutentz or Baricho Kor to Chidin Harai or even to Rush Lake
Day 07:     Gutntz to or Chidin Harai to Rush Lake
Day 08     Rush Peak day hike
Day 09:    Descend from Rush Lake to Phai Phari
Day 10:    Phai Phari to Haamdar via Mair campsite
Day 11:    Hamdar to Hoper valley, easy walk and drive to Karimabad
Day 12:    Day excursion to Khunjarab Pass
Day 13:    Day excursion in Hunza valley. (Hotel)
Day 14:    Drive to Chilas (8-9hrs). (Hotel)
Day 15:    Drive from Chilas to Islamabad (7-8hrs). (Hotel)
Day 16:    Fly homeland