Mighty K2 8611M

This most famous and well known trek leads to the hub of sky-kissing mountains like K-2  Broad peak, hidden peak and number of other famous Mashaburum Peak mountains. The scenic view from Concordia always overwhelms mountain lovers and so do the mountains like Payju peak, Trango Towers, Mashabrum and number of other peaks on the way.

The trek actually starts from Thongol and start walking for almost an hour and half by Braldo river to Askole-the last human inhibition in Baltoro trek. Sometimes jeep takes you all the way to Askole when the narrow pass is not eroded by the Braldo River or struck by sliding. Go through the small valley, cross the tiny bridge and a hike for all the way to Jula across the bridge with lunch on the way-long day indeed! The second day to Payju is long too one and not strenuous. Payju is a green sophisticated camp site and is a place where most of tourist, either heading to Baltoro or going back to Skardu, stop to relax. The main reason you stop here is a day hike to see Payu Peak to get acclimatized and also it gives porters the opportunity to prepare their butter and bread for the journey ahead as they get all provisions here.  The next day a less than two hours walk leads you to Baltoro Glacier and another 2-3 hour takes you to Khuporze, a dry campsite by the glacier.  Urdukas, a beautiful campsite, is about 5 to 6 hours breath-taking journey with panoramic views of the peaks like Pajyu peak and Trango Towers overshadowing Baltoro glacier. This campsite also gives you an opportunity to get relaxed and washed up in the tiny warm ponds nearby as the trail and campsites ahead, till you return to the same place, is glacial-just no spec of dry land.  It takes about 5 to six hours to get Goro and you have still magnificent views of glaciers and peaks all around. Next day 6 to 7-hour easy walk takes you to the Concordia-G4left-G5rightthe concentration of some of the highest mountains of the world like K-2, Broad peak, Hidden peak, Miter peak, and several other beautiful peaks. Day hike to Broad peak base camp and K-2 base camp takes almost 10 hours both ways. Moreover, the colorful G-I and G-II base camp are also accessible in an 8-9 hour journey. The campsite, always crowded with climbers and other staff, is like a clustered town. It is here where number of expeditions wait for the weather and to hunt the summit as soon as possible. The campsite is famous not only for climbers but also trekkers and the two day trip to G-I and G-II base camp adds more beauty to the journey whole. The scenic and picturesque views of G-I and G-II from the base camp is just mind-blowing.

On the other hand, you can approach Khaplu via the famous 5600m Gondogoro La and then through Hushe valley There is a direct access to the K-2 base camp and Broad base camp from G-I and G-II base camp as well. It is time now for heading back on the same track to Goro and then to Urdukas to get relaxed again. It is also possible to approach Skardu in 4th day directly from Concordia with the first night in Urdukas, second in Pajyu and third in Askole, drive to Skardu the next morning. Fly back to Islamabad and then to Homeland with beautiful memories of the mighty Karakorams

At a Glance

Arrival at Islamabad Airport, in the morning, after meet and greet with our company representative transfer to hotel for some rest, briefing at Alpine club of Pakistan, proceed to Taxila. A short drive (25km almost 45 min) brings us to Taxila.a UNESCO world heritage site and the most important site of Ghandara Cultures some 2000 years ago. Visit the Museum with a rich collection of artifacts and statues of Buddha dating back to the pre-Christian ear. After lunch, we drive back to Rawalpindi, driving past the classical older buildings and colorful bazaar of Rawalpindi, evening back to Hotel, dinner, and overnight at Hotel.

After breakfast at Hotel, transfer to airport, if we lucky and we will have good weather, a pleased Flight with Pakistan International airline to Skardu, 45min flight from Islamabad to Skardu, if the flight cancel because of bad weather, then we drive to Chilas,10-12 hours.461 km,  or sightseeing at Skardu. Dinner and overnight at Hotel.

Drive from Chilas to Skardu,8-9 hours/Day excursion to Deosai and lakes around Skardu. Dinner and overnight at Hotel.

After breakfast at our hotel, we set off for a drive on a 4WD jeep to Askole. almost 6-7 hours drive from Skardu to Askole, The last village of about 55 houses, The villagers grow their own cereals, vegetables and fruit and own large herds of sheep’s and goats, Yaks and dzos. dinner and overnight in Tent.

After breakfast we will start our Trek towards Korofong, a short stage which you can become acclimatized while traversing the terminal spit of Baltoro Glacier. The trail runs out of Askole, with a long stretch running obliquely along the slope, then crosses a deep gorge, and rises through an enchanting landscape, dotted with huge boulders, A short rock gorge and a grassy plateau lead to the traverse of the Biafo, Lastly, we reached our campsite at Korofong.4-5 hours trek, dinner and overnight in Tent.

Start the day along an easy trail which gives way to track running obliquely along the slope, on steep and crumbly ground .On reaching Panamah Glacier, you will have trek for about an hour upstream to cross the swollen river of Dumordo, after the river crossing, easy trek until our campsite at Bardumal,4-5 hours trek, dinner and overnight in Tent.

After breakfast we start our trek towards Paiju, it is genuine masterpiece of nature facing the moraines of Baltoro, from Bardumal, work your way over a distinctive bit of rock climbing where you reach an enormous screen cone, Another stretch of flat walking leads to your final climb for the day, before reaching Paiju with full view of the Cathedrals of Baltoro, 5-6 hours Trek. Dinner and overnight in Tent.

You have the full day at Paiju, for acclimatization in preparation for the hard journey on the Baltoro Glacier for the next few days, at the evening local porters singing and dancing at campfire, Overnight in Tent.

After breakfast we start our Trek, after an hour leaving Paiju Camp, you will reach the terminal moraine of the Baltoro Glacier, which at this point 2km wide, Below your feet, the Lungma river came roaring out of black hole at the base of the glacier, Climb up into the Glacier and from here, the track switched back and forth between the center of the Glacier and the lateral moraine at its edge. After 6 hours walking, you will reach our campsite at Kkopurse.

We have an easy walk today up to  Urdukas, alternating between the Glacier itself and the lower slopes of the Urdukas peaks to the south, magnificent views of Paiju Peak, Choricho peak, Great Trango Tower and Uli Biaho,3-4 hours trek, afternoon some explorations around the beautiful campsite at Urdukas, dinner and overnight at Tent.

The longest and most exhausting stage across the Baltoro brings you into the harsh environment of the glacier, After leaving the grass of the glacier’s banks, you will spend the night camping on the surface of Baltoro. You would be rewarded with full views of Gasherbrum IV(7890m)The Massive Masherbrum (7821m)Biarchedi (6760m)and the Elegant Muztagh Towers 87275m)6-7 hours trek, dinner and overnight in Tent.

This is a shorter and less tiring stage then preceding one, and it leads to the most renowned Cirque of the Karakorum, where the Godwin Austen glacier flows into the Baltoro from the north, from Gore II the track at first moves to the right bank of glacier and then returns to its center, where it runs over a number of lofty and quite lengthy ice ridges, you then  continue almost a level as far as Concordia, from where you can see K-2 8611m The Broad Peak 8048m, Chogolisia 7628m, Golden throne 7312m, from the south, the slender mitre Peak, looms over the Camp.3-4 hours trek from Gore II to Concordia, dinner, and overnight in a Tent.

Make the final stage in this trek to the Base Camp, we do our Lunch on the way to K-2 base camp or at Base Camp, at an altitude of nearly 5000m, afternoon back to Concordia, 3-4 hours one side trek, dinner and overnight in Tent.

After breakfast we start our trek back to Gore II, The return route runs along the same trail as the way up, and will take less time because you are now acclimatized to the altitude, and in better shape, however it would be still long distance.3-4 hours trek, dinner and overnight in Tent.

After breakfast at Camp, we will start our Trek down to Urdukas with some of beautiful views, on the way to Urdukas we shall cross the glacier. After crossing glacier almost 45 min walk to reach our campsite at Urdukas. Dinner and overnight in Te

After breakfast, we will start our trek towards Paiju, this is our last day on the glacier walking,6-7 hours trek until Paiju from Urdukas, dinner, and overnight in a Tent.

After breakfast we start our Trek to Jhula, it will take almost 6-7 hours until Jhula campsite, dinner and overnight in a Tent.

After making your way cautiously across the delicate rock trail from Paiju, you continue obliquely along the slope until reaching the moraines of Biafo and the last descent towards Askole, your last Campsite for the Trek, 5-6 hours trek, dinner and overnight in Tent.

Drive to Skardu from Askole,6-7 hours drive, Transfer to Hotel at Skardu, take shower after long trekking days, afternoon visit local bazaar at Skardu, Dinner at Local Restaurant at Skardu, overnight in Hotel.

Transfer to airport at Skardu for your flight back to Islamabad, after arriving at Islamabad, transfer to Hotel, wash and change, then De-Briefing at the Alpine Club of Pakistan, and the rest of the day is free  to explore the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, or if the flight will cancel because of bad weather, drive to Chilas 7-8 hours, Stay at hotel.

Drive from Chilas to Islamabad, 8-9 hours, transfer to Hotel, or Visit to a small ethnological museum displaying numerous costumes and artifacts from all over Pakistan, next stop the shakerparian Gardens, which give a magnificent view of Islamabad. We will visit the Saidpur village, still survives amid the modern planning. In Islamabad is the world’s largest mosque named after the late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. After dinner transfer to airport for your departure, Fly back homeland, end of services.