In 1986, established a trekking route that connects the Baltoro Glacier to the Hushe Valley by crossing a pass called Gondogoro La 5650 m. Since then, this challenging pass attracts many trekking groups and expeditions. Also, the popularity of this trekking route is a reflection of the attractiveness of the natural beauty surrounding it. The trail runs along the Baraldu River. The highlight of Baltoro glacier is a wonderful connection with the Godwin Austin glacier that descends from the top of K2 makes a place called Concordia on 4700 m and lies at the heart of largest glaciers outside the Arctic Circle and the densest concentration of peaks in the world. This high technical transition requires good physical fitness, acclimatization and adequate mastery of basic mountaineering skills.

On arrive Islamabad airport and after briefing in Ministry of Tourism, the next day you would be rushing to Skardu by air in PIA’s Boeing 737 aircraft if the weather is favorable otherwise dare to go by road because all the flights are subject to weather conditions to Skardu and Gilgit. Though it is long journey to Skardu takes almost 18 hours with a night on the way in Chilas but interesting views on the way.

Early in the morning you have to ride local Jeeps to go Thongol (125km on rough road) takes about 6 to 7 hours. You spend a night here and the next day you start your real trekking from here on. Within an hour or so, you will get Askole, the last human inhibition and then you won’t see any place inhibited with people. After passing the valley you follow a small water channel. After two hours you cross a small wooden bridge and cross the river then a long plain desert and then after couple of hours you stay for lunch and heading for Jula for night. Next day you will be heading for Payju, After getting Skardu, take a good rest and relax yourself for you have to go on real trekking the next day. Get well packed and prepare yourself mentally and physically. The trek needs physical fitness. Great K-2 a beautiful place to pitch tents with greenery and good water for washing. Tourist usually spend a whole day here to get acclimatized and to go hiking up to Payju peak.

You have to walk on the glacier after two hours from Payju and the walk over glacier lasts for about 4 hours. After couple of hours you reach to your campsite in Khuburzte on dry land. Urdukas is about 6 to 7 hours further to Khuburtze and an easy walk. You have many good views of small catherdrals, Payju peak and the beautiful Trango Towers. This is the final campsite on dry land on a tilted greenery with little water. From here on, you have to walk only on glacier with magnificent views of mountains all around and you finally get to Goro. Your campsite is on the glacier and here after you have to walk on the glacier until you reach to Concordia, known as the core of beautiful sky kissing mountains like K-2, Broad peak, hidden peak, Miter peak and number of other nameless mountains. You have a beautiful view of Siah kangri from here.

It takes a day for Broad peak and K-2 base round trip. Usually, tourists reserve a day for that and sometimes go to G-1 and G-2 base camp takes 7 hours one way. The view from G-1 and G-2 base camp is awesome with picturesque snowcapped mountains and peaks all around.

From Concordia, you have to walk for about 6 to 8 hours to get Ali Camp or another one hour if you prefer to spend half the night on High Camp. Crossing Gondogoro La(5560m) is also subject to the weather conditions otherwise snowing may hinder your campaign. You have to start your walk at midnight to get up to the top of Gondogoro. It is advisable to use rope from the beginning until you reach the top. If the weather is Chogolisa 3 kind, the view from this pass is fine and one can see an excellent panorama of K-2 (8611m, the second-highest peak in the world), Broad Peak (8048m), Gashabrum 1-6,Chogolosa (7665m) and Upper Baltoro. The view of sky kissing beautiful mountains around Concordia from to of the La is inspiring. You have very little time to stay on the top because you have to descend a nasty steep dry place and when the sun rises, stones start falling down from the top. You are on the midway and you have still 3 to 4 hours to reach Khuespang. Do a good washing here and get fresh and spend a day to climb Gondogoro peak. You are on the dry land now and descending down on the glacier for a couple of hours to get Dalzampa, a beautiful campsite with greenery by the glacier. You are descending to Siacho the next day on an easy path through Hushe pasture. Siacho is a beautiful campsite with a shop and you can go to K-6 and K-7 from here. Your final walk on the next day is too beautiful Hushe valley for about 5 to 6 hours and you have beautiful views around. You spend your final night in Hushe valley and then to Skardu from here by jeep.

You are now preparing to leave for Islamabad by air if you are lucky enough or by road in 18 hours. Fly back to your homeland with beautiful memories of Karakorams.

At a Glance

Arrival at Islamabad Airport. Drive to hotel. After a short break with refreshments, we will visit the Alpine Club of Pakistan for a briefing. In the afternoon, there will be an opportunity for a guided city tour of Rawalpindi (Raja-Bazar) and Islamabad. Overnight at Hotel.

Drive along the Karakorum-Highway to Chilas ( 11-12 hrs.). Overnight at Panorama Hotel/Chilas.

After breakfast we drive to Skardu, en-route we stop at Nanga Parbat viewpoint for some photos, further drive to Skardu,7-8 hours, transfer to Hotel at Skardu, afternoon visit local bazaar at Skardu, overnight at Concordia Motel.

Experience a spectacular drive with a jeep through the wild Shigar Valley (3.000 m, ca. 6-7 hrs.) to Askoli. Overnight at camp in tent.

After an 18 km walk up to an altitude of 3.200 m ( 6-7 hrs.), you will reach Jhola. Overnight at the camp.

Today, a slightly demanding trek follows about a distance of 16,6 kms (6-7 hrs.) up to 3.450 m to Paiju. Overnight at the camp.

Day at free disposal. You will have the opportunity to get to know Pakistani Culture more closely (dancing, music, campfire in the evening). To take photographs or to talk a walk through the scattered rocks above the camp. On this day, the porters will prepare for the ascent to the glacier. Overnight at camp.

Today, you will enter the debris-covered Baltoro glacier. An ascent of 15,9 kms up to 4.050 m is awaiting you. After 6-7 hrs. You will reach Urdukas, the last green island for the next couple of days. A splendid view of the Trango group is awaiting you. Overnight at Camp.

Ascent to Goro II of 12, km up to 4.380 m (ca. 5-6 hrs.). There, you will have a magnificent view on to the Masherbrum Peak . Overnight at camp.

4 –5 hrs. the ascent of 9,2 km up to 4.650 m to Concordia. Overnight at camp. Superb view of Great K2.8611m, Broad Peak 8048m.overnight at Camp.

Day excursion to K2 base camp and return to Concordia. Overnight at camp.

Day excursion to K2 base camp and return to Concordia. Overnight at camp.

Ascent to Hispung. Traverse of Gondogoro La Pass across 5.680 m. Departure from Ali camp at 2 AM. Overnight at camp.

After a 3-4 hrs. Descent of 6,8 km you will reach Dalsangpa at 4.300 m. Overnight at camp.

Further descent to Saicho at 3.330 m. You will probably need 3-4. Beautiful landscape with wild roses. Overnight at camp.

From Saicho you will start the descent to Hushe of 9,3 km (4-5 hrs.) at 3.050 m. Overnight at camp.

Drive to Skardu (5-6 hrs.). Wonderful landscape. The Hushe Valley is one of the most beautiful and green valleys of Baltistan. Overnight at the hotel.

Depending on the weather conditions either flight to Islamabad or drive to Chilas. The journey along the Karakorum Highway will take about 8-9 hrs. Overnight at hotel.

Either free day at Islamabad (if the flight was possible) or drive from Chilas to Islamabad (11-12 hrs.). Overnight at hotel.

In the morning meeting at the Alpine Club of Pakistan. In the afternoon, you will have opportunities for shopping, sightseeing, visiting Faisal Mosque, or just relaxing. Overnight at hotel.

Fly Back homeland, end of Services.